Viva Camp
Viva Camp is an all-expense paid camp, hosted by Project Unveil in Ibadan, for Nigerian children from very low-income backgrounds.  |  Learn more
Viva After-School
Viva After-School Program supports the camp partici-pants during the school year by covering education-related costs....  |  Learn more
Project Unveil Academy
In addition to empowering and educating the children, we also provide a wealth of resources to parents and guardians.  |  Learn more
About Us
Project Unveil
Project Unveil is an African Development Initiative, which empowers and educates Nigerian girls from very low-income backgrounds. Our goal is to promote and encourage a passion for learning among underprivileged girls by providing them with a holistic educational experience, which incorporates the performing arts into a traditional academic curriculum. Project Unveil currently supports 43 girls.
Why We Do What We Do
The Problem

The Nigerian government currently provides free education to all children via the public school system. However, many Nigerian children from low-income families remain uneducated.

Get Involved

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please email for more information.

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the largest television network in Africa, has broadcast television features on Project Unveil in Nigeria, numerous other countries in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.